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11.24.2002 :: Here I Am, I'm Still Alive

So posts haven't appeared in a long time. That's because i reinstalled my machine about a month ago and had never gotten around to fully restoring my archive. But now it is done, so all shall rejoice.

This is what has happened recently: I've been working (school), been working on SwitchMe , and have set aside time for the weekends. Bellow are images from Halloween at Marathon (drama house). It was a fun time, though now as eventful as previous years. So look at photos, cause they feed my memory.

My first night out for Halloween. If anyone is wondering Becky (the girl to the far right) is suppose to be a Toucan Sam.
I was the Karate Kid (dojo logo courtesy of William Harding).
Will (to the left) was Harry Potter, Ry (to the right) was an irresponsible parent.

Above was my first night out for Halloween, below is my second. There was a party, I went, it was snowing and I threw snowballs. It was a good time, got to see the Sorority play (note the mustaches below).

This is Rock n' Roll at Syracuse University.

The party was in a hot basement, luckily we had snowballs...
Above, Kris as an evil robot.

copyright peter nofelt