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10.19.2002 :: I Need To Work On My Introduction

Sitting in a computer lab at 5:00. Sitting in a computer lab at 5:20. Looking on the Internet. Waiting to speak to the TA. Sitting in the computer lab at 5:45. Getting up to go the vending machine, getting free drinks. Sipping iced tea. Waiting. 6:45, told that my problem can't be fixed. Spoke to the TA about graduate school. In the background, someone asks their friend about my roommates sweater, what it means.

Returning home to eat. Riding my bike to campus. Not finding people at Marshall Street. Finding people at Marshall Street. Asking if they wanted to go see The Sorority. Kristen saying no. Karen saying no. Becky saying yes. Becky letting me drive her there.

At 505. Becky paying my cover. Inside everyone is saying hello and asking for stickers. The Sorority begins. Photo's are taken.

Full photo of The Sorority with Evan singing (view larger image).
The Sorority with Ted singing (view larger image).
Ted Holland sporting an "Alpha-Pete" sticker on his guitar
Evan played without shoes.

Congratulate the band. Speak to Ry. Get dragged around to introduced. "This is Pete, he's funny," they say. I just stand there shrugging my shoulders and saying "Hello." Head back home the band to play foosball. Listen Neil Diamond on the record as people leave. Help clean up, leave myself.

In bed. Remembering that I parked my bike a mine and a half away, in the rain.

10.17.2002 :: So Many Photos

A fictional conversation about an actual party:

Ry: Cheese and wine party tomorrow.
Me: Cheese and wine?
Ry: Yes, cheese and wine.
Me: Cool, what should I bring?
Ry: Cheese and wine.
Me: To the party?
Ry: Yes.
Me: Okay.

Early evening.

Mid evening.
This is wine.
This is cheese.
These are people drinking wine and eating cheese.
This is Jon looking down at Ry's crotch.
This is Neh, from across the street, not drinking wine or eating cheese.
Jon and Lauren before we left.

Late evening.
Me finding George. George telling me about the Olive Garden and the police.
This is how the night ended.

10.12.2002 :: The Weeks Have Passed Without Much Update

Last night was some of the most fun I had in a while. It started with meeting up with Casey and crew for cards and classy humor.

Me without the winning ticket.
Greg making the executive decision.

Afterwards, the evening extended to Ted's house to meet up with friends and enjoy a small gathering.

Us on adventure in the rain.

In all, the night consisted of drink, collapsible chairs, wandering in the rain with bumper stickers, taking little men off of bottles, and disappointing Ry in our inability to fallow rules.

The hustlers.

Me naming names:
Hans, Brian and Andy.
Ted, Cassie and Terry.
Jon and Emily.
Lauren and Ry.
Ry telling tales, bringing the evening to a close.

10.02.2002 :: I Traveled To Hug A Turkish Man

Describes the night.

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