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09.30.2002 :: This Is Where I Stand

It has been a long time. Since I last updated, Reid has moved off to Dresden (sorry I didn't get to see you off Reid) and I've had my birthday.

Two weeks ago I was given the opportunity to watch my roommates dog. I fed him turkey and quickly we became friends.

Red Rocket! Red Rocket!

My birthday came and went. 22. September 19th. I went out with Casey Will and everyone for a typical evening at the bars. I drank very little with exception to the drinks everyone was buying me. I was fine. Not drunk, just filled with a sense of wander as I glided through the bar smiling and talking to those I knew.

The major even of that weekend was a self-proclaimed extension of my Birthday at Ted's place. Much of the evening entertaining, though it did slow down towards the end. Unfortunately backlight (the theme of the night) doesn't take well with photos.

Hello black light party.
Hello Lore with Highlighter.
Hello chin.
Hello Mike and Keith.
Hello Me, Kelly and Kieth!

Does Billy really like me?

Mishel had her birthday! Also featured is much of team harp.

Seven guys and one girl. We had to draw straws...
Mishel and Fatz.
Keith and Ben.
Adam and I discussing Israeli foreign policy.
Red Rocket! Red Rocket!

That is all. Unless you want to read this.

09.10.2002 :: How It Is

This week hasn't been a bore, but it really hasn't been much else either. I've been doing work and dreaming about a moped.

Saturday was entertaining. Checked out The Sorority at a friend's house party. The next day, when I stopped by to see the damage, the place had been pretty well cleaned with the exception of a VERY large pair of women's underwear hanging from their chandelier. That and the house smelled like party.

Ted, starting up the set.
Evan singing Summer of 69
The former roomates team up once again to fight justice and raise a generation of super hippies.
Sofie incognito.

09.01.2002 :: Did I Miss My Train?

Images are needed, so for now I'm throwing you a few from years past.

The odd couple.
This is the Thanks Giving I missed last year.

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