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08.28.2002 :: Today's Entry Is Guest Written

Today's story is guest written by Ben Schwartz (AIM: NakedSpidey website: www.geocities.com/benschwartz523/). This is as it goes

Dear Diary,

I saw the most beautiful window shade in my algebra class today. I looked at it for a solid four hours, wondering if I would ever be able to produce such beauty. It had leprechauns and stars all over it. I once tried to make a monkey out of paperclips and hair, but it just wasn't the same. I fear that my chance at greatness may have passed me by.

If only I took that seat on the space shuttle like they asked...

Now I'm reduced to this, typing up a entry from my lonely apartment, working my way through school selling lamb-skin jackets, and trying to convince Nabisco to buy my chocolate covered cigarettes idea.

One day...

Peter Nofelt

08.27.2002 :: The More The Scarier

ReidMe1st: you suck. update your website

This is true, very true. And when the guy who hosts your web site (in this case Reid) tells you to update your posts, you do it.

Not much has happened recently, or at least nothing epic. I spent the end of my summer at the gym and studying for GMAT's; I took the exam and didn't do too badly. I had also gotten ready to move into my apartments, which I did of Thursday of last week. It's nice, cheep, and has a hot chicks room (though the hot chicks are pretty old since the room was first installed in 1983, but I can get new ones).

Today is my second day of classes and not too much has gone on. I am sedate. Sun rips into my room early in the morning, I have yet been able to sleep past 7:30am. I have just had a bagel with cream cheese and pepper, I will be having a banana.

copyright peter nofelt