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06.28.2002 :: I School This... Umm... School

Remember to watch Politically Incorrect tonight, seeing as though it's the last show.

Also, by the looks of this, Boeing and Batman have teamed up to make a plane.

My life is slooooowwww...

06.25.2002 :: The Weekend List

This Past Weekend: Saturday. Wake up. Wash, eat, class, nap, eat again, wash again (this time cars). Wait. Wait. Wait. Call, Mike. Buy Corona. 7:00 on the LIE. Hampton’s. 8:30 at Dave’s house. Hello’s, smiles, shakes. “Hello Bosco!” Aquavit.

Corona. Corona. Rolling Rock.

More people. More hello’s, smiles, shakes. More Rolling Rock.

More Rolling Rock...

Jokes. Silliness. Canoe race. No canoe race. Canoe adventure instead. Rocks thrown. More talk. Almost leave at 2:00. Stay. Another canoe adventure. Near sleep. Sleep. Floor, pillow, towel. Awake by dog. Wobbly. Wobbly. Surf Bus. Deli. Wobbly. Beach.

Beach. Catfish sandwich. Cleanup. Gifts. Goodbyes and “thank you’s.”

06.23.2002 :: I Didn't Burn Myself And Forgot To Take Photo's

Spent much of the weekend at the beach in the Hampton’s for a friends birthday. I’m too tired to write any more right now. Below, it the entry that you should have gotten on Friday.

My parents just got a new car, and we're selling our really old car. Any takers?

1987 Honda Accord. 61,000 Miles. Brand New Tires.
As you can see, in good condition too!

06.20.2002 :: I'll Post As I Please

I'm thinking of posting like this from now on (if this line is static, it shouldnt be. It should blink).

Or should I post like this?

06.19.2002 :: I Pass The Savings To You!

I was given the opportunity to put up flyers today. A 100 of 'em. Oddly enough I chose doing this over sleep. It was good though, got me out of bed and forced me to explore Harlem. Good thing I look tough or else I would have gotten into fisticuffs.

I finished the flyer thing by 12:45pm and headed over to Grand Central to meet up with will, give him his jacket/cellphone and then grab the recession special at Grey's Papaya.

From there it wasn't much, just taking my time to tour the city until returned home around 6:10pm, almost falling asleep in my seat.

I put up a hundred of these on Tuesday.
Where you see blue is where I went. Majestic Harlem
Broadway uptown, around 130th Street.
Along the way I rode the subway and saw feet. They was mee too.
After Recession special at Grey's Papaya and Sprite from a bottle, Ben wishes me well and sends me home.
My ride home, near sleep.

And thats the double truth Ruth!

p.s. Reid must have gotten Greymatter working right, seeing as though he has a "similar" entry template. It's all good Reid, so long as I get a cut on your excessive financials in the future ;)

06.15.2002 :: Enter The Kingdom (Alphabetical)

I saw stuff today.

06.14.2002 :: I Will Destroy You!

Hmmm... Thinking about becoming an superhero. How's this for a superhero name? Destroy! just Destroy.

Also, I owe a lot of people emails, you'll get 'em tomorrow.


06.12.2002 :: I'm Dying Here

I started lifting three days ago. I feel like I'm slowly getting destroyed.

06.11.2002 :: A Set Just Like Any Other

A Mandelbrot set is an iterative mathematical set. By iterative I mean that previous values dictate the coming values. Just how basketball playoffs dictate who will be in the final four. The equation for the Mandelbrot set is based on the fallowing equation:

Znew is the value produced by the summation of C (a constant) and Zold (the value that was previously Znew). The result, Znew is then plugged in as Zold and the cycle continues to infinity. One thing to note, the values used for Z must be complex.

The Mandelbrot set.

If this equation is iterated many times it produces an image similar to the one above (created in MATLAB). The interesting part about this image is that if one were to zoom into the edges of the plane, one would see that its edges are representative of the image as a whole.

Mandelbrot sets are similar to larger and smaller sets on various scales. No part is ever fully the same but it is also never completely different, producing an infinitely complex image.

Note: the Mandelbrot set is a fractal and is name after Benoit B. Mandelbrot.

06.10.2002 :: Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other

Trying to figure out everything to add to this site as well as considering what type of daily content to post. I usually find interesting (odd) links, but I never remember all of them when its time to post.

I guess I'll figure it all out soon. By the way, I'm gonna start using this as blog software.

06.09.2002 :: I Finally Bring A Camera

At the Hamptons, in front of Dave's Surf Bus.

06.07.2002 :: My Mathmatical Proof

TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth. TV rots your brain and your teeth.

06.06.2002 :: Are You My Yuppie Guide?

Me as a baby...
I'd like to say "studying goodness," but I would categorize it more as "studying."

Still keeping myself busy with errands. Also working a bit on vendaworld with the possibility of implementing a new journaling system. One that allows multiple users as well as multiple logs.

Besides review for the GMATS, I've been enjoying my new found love of ˘15 wings at happy hour. Also, thinking of becoming a street performer. Maybe scaring people into paying me could work. Your thoughts?

06.04.2002 :: I Parked In Front Of A Broken Meter (Always 40 Min.)

Today, at the INS. I showed up with out a reservation saying the fallowing, “Hey could I speak to someone about this,” me showing the security guard my letter from that particular branch.

He looks it over; not noticing the date is not today. Then he asks if I have a pen. I say no. For that I am given a clipboard (with pen attached) and a form a form to fill out. I had to put down generic personal information like height, weight, hair color, age… Most interesting was when I was to check what eye color I had. Besides the common ones (blue, green, brown), I was also able to choose from two very interesting eye colors: pink and maroon?

And what if I have one of each?

06.03.2002 :: So Here I Am

After the INS.

copyright peter nofelt