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05.31.2002 :: New York, Partly Cloudy 79° F

My way home from work the other day.

05.30.2002 :: I'm Bi Lingual

So listen to this, I've figured out how to use Google's translation tool to translate my website from english, to german, back to english. Why is this useful you ask? Well let me give you an example:

"Much not today was do , in the term, to go shower with a friend in the Hamptons this evening, but a play of the basketball early this afternoon destroyed my and my friends motive and energy, in order to drive two hours long."

Gosh I love the internet...

05.30.2002 :: No One Is Flyer Than Me

I thought I was worth more than that.

05.28.2002 :: Today, I Almost Got Lost In Central Park

I'm not evil per say... but today when a very eager seeing eye dog lead his blind master up a subway escalator whereby the man stumbled on the ascending step (not seeing it of course) and said "whoa, didn't know we were going on one of those," a small grin grew on my face; one that lasted for much of the morning as that silly moment cycled in the back of my mind.

05.27.2002 :: Memorial Day At The Tollesí

Memorial day and stick ball. Above, the opposing team.
T Swinging.
Phil II scratching his beard and catching fly balls.
The ringer for our team.
Me in the outfield and out of focus.

05.27.2002 :: I'm A Bum

This is my productive life:

Slept late, made an amazing sandwich, bought socks, made a not so amazing salad and then headed out to do nothing for the evening.Almost decided to spend the night sleeping on my sofa.

05.25.2002 :: Pacing Through Time At One Second Increments

So check this out, the other day Brian forgot to post, putting me in the lead. But then my dumb ass decided to be lazy and not post when I came home last night, putting us in a tie.

It was a good day though, yesterday that is, half day of work, toured Manhattan for about two hours, then a "smashing good viewing" of the Mets playing at Shea. Bad seats but a good game.

Not doing much tonight, was gonna go chill with a buddy in the Hamptonís this evening, but a game of basketball earlier this afternoon destroyed mine and my friends motive and energy to drive for two hours.

05.23.2002 :: People Watching

I've seen the fallowing look-alikes in the past week while being about in manhattan:

- Xena Princess Warrior
- Moby
- The bald Asian guy who played the villian in all those 80's action films
- Simpson, Homer

That is all.

05.22.2002 :: Around The World With Andy

Finally found a place to get lunch for less than seven dollars. Made my belly feel good while I sat and ate in Central Park.

Tomorrow, I think I'm gonna build that breakdancing robot I alway wanted.

05.21.2002 :: It's Drafty Here

In the morning on the subway, riding the six train to 77th and Lex. Standing in the middle of the car, keeping stable with suspended metal piping that reminds me of monkey bars. My head above the seated riders, me peaking into their magazines/books/whatever.

Five minutes into my ride a cute semi-alternative girl in her mid twenties. She's been looking at me this whole time; quick glances. She then scribbles on a slip of scrap paper, looks at it, then crumples it up and tosses it back into her purse and goes back to looking at me.

At the next stop she stands up, leans into me, and whispers to my ear, heating it. She's too soft with her words. What did she say? Did she just proposition me? Is she telling me to fuck off? So I whisper back, "pardon?" She leans in closer and shyly whispers...

"your fly is open"

She then promptly sits back down and keeps to herself. I look around and zip myself up among stranger.

05.20.2002 :: That Some Bad Mojo Man

My first day of work. I forgot how much the commute kills me. Hopefully I won't fall asleep on the train this year, waking up at the end of the line. Forgot my camera so all image goodness you have to imagine. Having late fall type weather in manhattan is no good.

By the way, I work here

05.19.2002 :: Upside Clown

Taxi cab night lights.
Talking to T.
On our way to the upper west side.
Mike and Ingrid, at the not shitty bar.
If Van Gough lived in Manhattan.

05.18.2002 :: Yes, I Know, It Only Counts As One

I've made an agreement with Brian (one of my housemates) that whomever has the most posts by the end of the summer has to do the others chores for the first week of school. For that reason I will be keeping this site pretty up to date.

Hello Cam... Hello Alex...
Hello Cat...

Last night, hung out with Alex and Cam. We knew of nothing to do in the evening. I objected to lounging in hotel bars, so the other option was movies. We saw Basic Instinct/Triumph the Dog/Basic Instinct. If you are ever able to get a hold of such a copy, I suggest doing so.


05.18.2002 :: I'm Sorry Dave, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That

Hmmmm... Troubles logging into my site, this makes posting images a bit harder. I'll figure something out soon.

05.10.2002 :: Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Just so everyone who comes here knows, Iím still alive; Iíve just been busy with finals. But now Iím busy with packing. Does it ever end?

Yes it does. And when I come home and settle myself, this site will continue.

(Translation: Iíve been lazy recently, but once I get home Iíll remember to do almost daily posts to this site.)

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