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04.29.2002 :: You Are My Unicorn

This past week was fairly calm, the weekend in particular. Didn't dance around among crowds, smelling the fumes of alcohol and cigarettes. Instead I paced my room doing work. Well not work all the time. Did have the opportunity to enjoy a lovely dinner with Tiff at Empire Brewery in downtown Syracuse. On Saturday Casey's father treated the gang to dinner at Tully's. Unfortunately Mrs. Goodwin, a diamond in the ruff, was not present. At least one can dream...

The photos below are there for no real reason (except Casey's, see below). Some are images that never really had any context to be displayed in, others are images I had just received from friends. None are from my weekend. Regardless, enjoy them.

Casey's arthroscopic surgery photos (dislocated shoulder). I can only guess that the X's on the image note tissue that needs to be removed, allowing for better regrowth. If you know otherwise, please tell me. He's doing well though. It was also good to see that prior to his surgery, the doctors had written in marker 'NO' on his normal sholder.

David Coletrain and Ted looking avant-garde from a party a couple weeks ago.

"Why do you take so many photos of me? What is your problem man. You don't know me!'

I daydream of my summer travels, a lot. This image is probably the best one I took on my trip. It was during my night wandering the streets of Paris in a rainstorm till 6am. I kind of hope I don't take a photo as good as this one again.

Something I had on my old website. Self-explanatory.

Also, this guy is nuts: "our population is shored up at the expense of petroleum, and when it falters and fails, the population will drop back to Civil War levels, thirty million, then living in the Age Before Petroleum. In order to reach this quota, 7 out of every 8 will need to expire."

04.24.2002 :: Goonies Never Say Die

Copyright Ben Schwartz (site may be down due to bandwidth limitation).
This comic is 5 cents mine.

I really don't have much to write, just posting a few images. The comics above are a product of my friend Ben Schwartz. His stuff appears in The Spectator and The Fed, both college run papers/magazines.

Played soccer tonight. A small game, just seven of us. Games of that size are the only times I score.

Congrads to team Glarp who won the Intramural Soccer Championship.

04.20.2002 :: This Place Ain't A Dollar Store

This week has been free from much stress. Nothing new was assigned, nor did I have any tests. Though, I did spend time writing and programming in assembly (I'm still unable to understand which are and are not dos interrupts). If your wondering what I'm speaking about, visit this site which lists all the x86 interrupts you could ever want. This is how my past few days have been:

THURSDAY: Enjoyed a fantastic night of quad soccer. About twenty people came to play, a few others stood by watching the jumble. The grass was dewy because of the eve, causing everyone to slide around, skinning their thigh, and taking others down with them. At one point in the night, Keith talked me, causing me to bash the back of my head onto the sod. Standing up, a bit dizzy, I continued, just not as fiercely as before. We played for about two hours. Afterwards, I declined offers to go out and enjoy the rest of the night. Instead, I went home and wrote for class.

FRIDAY: Was very tired from work and very sore from soccer. Stiff neck heavy eyelids. Picked up a take-home exam for ELE 232, hope to get most of it done by Monday.

Some kids acting the age.

As you can see above, the night started going out to a local bar with a couple friends. It was good to meet up with a few people I haven't seen in a while.

Mike, a fellow engineer. Odd how he looks like me in the photo (though note the long sleve shirt, I'm wearing short).

After a couple of hours, we headed to Kimmel for some food and silliness. Also, If you're wondering what happened when you put gummy bears in your nostrilsÖ they congeal.

Me with gummy bears in my orifices, Ben showing approval.
Brian, the walking pose.

SATURDAY: Nothing fancy. Woke up, spent some time with Tiff and grabbed some brunch at the dining hall. This morning, we had an earthquake? Recorded as 5.1 in upstate New York. I'm sure more than a few of you felt it. Me, I slept through the thing. I AWLAYS miss the cool stuff.

About to head out for dinner, stay crescent fresh.

04.16.2002 :: I'm Encrypted

Again, a week has past. Been busy working on my junior design project, programming, and writing. Here's what it's been like the past few days:

MONDAY: Handed in all my miscellaneous work for writing (glad to get it out of the way). Headed to lab to finish up the rest of my junior design project, trying to work out the kinks. Some of you aren't privy to my engineering life, so I'll tell you.

Remember those toy slot cars you would play with as a kid? Well me and my lab partner Mike are using one of those in conjunction with magnetic switches and a microcontroller so that we can calculate the cars velocity, distance traveled, laps taken, and which of the two cars won the final race. We also programmed it to detect false starts and to let the user know if the car is off the track. Fun stuff huh? Apparently our project resulted in winning best junior design project from IEEE for Syracuse University.

We really just wanted to play with toys...

Though I believe the award should have gone to my buddies Brian and Keith who designed a robotic inchworm that could be used to step silicon wafers into a helm (no gears = cleaner wafers). They did win best implementation (congrads!). Check out footage of the inchworm here.

SUNDAY: Nothing, can't really remember it. I did laundry and work. Exciting huh?

SATURDAY: Woke up at 8:00am to present my Junior design project at open house for prospective students and judges (see above). By three in the afternoon everyone who came to present was dead tired. We all left early, before the award ceremony, thinking we weren't going to win anything. Who knew!

In the eve I attended Ted's 21st birthday party. I was a fun time. Also met up with my buddy Todd who will be graduating this semester. I spent my time at the party discussing mopeds and playing pool.

FRIDAY: Stayed outside running around and enjoying the weather. Late that Night I headed to a student art exhibit to see some of my friends works. Most of it was illustration and all of it was impressive. Unfortunately I lent out my camera for the weekend so I don't have any photos to show you.

That was my week, the rest of my time was spent sleeping and working. I'm finally catching up to work. Which is good, considering how I have about three weeks left.

Goodbye for now. And watch out for food service distributors.

04.08.2002 :: Like A Cat Tied To A Stick

Just woke up from a nap and have finally decided to get to a get words down. I spent much of my day in lab, working on my junior design project. Right now next to me is a to-do list that I wrote out a couple weeks ago. It seems as though little of it has been completed. In one of my electrical engineering classes, only three known people have handed in homework four (which was due last week) while no one has yet to complete homework five (our most recent assignment). Assembly programming also weighs my shoulders down.

Below is my past week.

SUNDAY: Spent most of the day working on a proposal for my writing class. In the evening, I was given a good home cooked meal with good company.

SATURDAY: Went to the mall with Keith, Neh and Ben. Keith and I wandered the back of radio Shack looking for parts for both his and my Junior Design project. Mine is a statistical display for slot car racing, his is an inchworm. Gosh, we're cool.

The evening I spent with Will and crew, stopping by Sean's place. Saw friends who I haven't seen in a while, many of whom are graduating this semester. Much of the evening was spent enjoying a few beers and talking about Saved By The Bell, Gleaming the Cube as Fast Times at Rigdemont High glowed in the background. Could Alison be right? "It's not that we're close friends, it's not that we know each other well, it's just that we've all been brainwashed by the same media."

From Sean's, Will and I headed over to Marathon (drama house) to meet up with Ry and enjoy the rest of the night. My night ended around 3:30 (not counting me loosing an hour for daylight savings time). I wish I has brought my camera to save part of the evening.

FRIDAY: Spent the day in Lab soldering a circuit for my senior design project. I have yet to check if the wires were placed correctly. It's all trial and error, I can only hope that the trial part was completed.

Drilling bridges (trust me, you don't want to know).
Kemp's project thus far.

By the end of the afternoon I was tired and unable to play soccer on the quad. So I slept. Sleep, that's where I'm a Viking!

Quad soccer goodness, too bad I missed out.

Later (as stated in my previous entry), I headed over to Neh's for a casual evening. It's always silly when I go. Within the first minute of walking in, I fall off a chair and knock down a bookcase. The rest of the evening continued as such.

Started the night falling and making a mess. This always happens.
To our left, Brian was no longer shy and willing to show us his doll collection. On the right, Nehir excited about gaining sponsorship to Carlsberg.

Also, Have you ever seen a winged cat? Do you know how to change your monkey?

Goodnight folks, you were wonderful!

04.06.2002 :: This Always Happens

Just returned from a night of silliness at Nehís with Keith and Ben. Nothing more than watching TV and acting like sophomores in high school with nothing better to do with our Friday nights. Should be getting a few photos from Keith tomorrow. Also, Itís snowing again, and itís April 6th.

Who knew that they make luxury submarines?

copyright peter nofelt