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03.31.2002 :: I Don't Really Like Atomic FireBalls

I haven't written since the long-long ago. Unfortunately, a week has made my mind dull to the specifics of my activities. My time has consisted of being busy on the weekdays and trying not to be so on the weekends.

SATURDAY: Over at Ted's for nothing more then killing the night and sitting on a porch with the few that were still in Syracuse for the weekend. It's been nice though, a lazy weekend something to let me catch up on sleep and a bit of work.

One of the Hardy Boy's

FRIDAY: Enjoyed the Kids In The Hall. They were more amazing on stage than I could have thought. It was a mix of and old and new bits; the best was that the troop members were joking around with the audience and themselves, just having fun.

The closing of the show and one of the few good photo's that I was able to take.

THURSDAY: The night was spent in my room, working tediously on an ELE 232 take home exam. It wasn't till around 2 O'clock Friday afternoon that I felt ready to hand in my work. I spent the rest of that day half asleep till Kids In The Hall.

THE WEEK PRIOR: A lot of time spent studying for math and electrical engineering. I also finally finished up work that had been bugging me since spring break. Last weekend was good though. Spent Friday at the Kipper's watching a few bands and just hanging out. Tried to make it to another house party later that night, but when I had gotten there, the walk and late night had already made me too tired. After twenty minutes, I was ready to leave for home and sleep.

The Sorority in good form.
He just liked to scream at people in blue sweaters.

Saturday of that week it was the Red House for a Nintendo themed party. I dressed up as Paper Boy, which was pretty common since some girl and a friend of mine, Matt, showed up in the same outfit (though I believe Matt didn't make it though the obstacle course and the girl was attacked by a lawn mower later in the night). I showed up mostly to see The Sorority play, though the other bands were pretty entertaining as well. I appreciated the Scurvy Pirates and their apparent interest in looking foolish, insisting that they weren't hated enough to stop playing.

Priates scare me.

So as you can see/read, the past week has been good. Maybe a little too good… (ominous music plays in the background).

03.21.2002 :: How Old Are You Guy's?

Just had a great meal at Dinosaur BBQ. Ate with Keith and crew. Have many photos the show you, and a few that I probably won't (explaining why would just sound too weird). For now enjoy the plate below:

Just for one too!

Also, it's the second day of spring in Syracuse and we’re in a snowstorm.

03.19.2002 :: A Few Minutes From Sleep

Back from break and busy with work again. Currently working in MATLAB graphing Fourier transforms of spectrums for electrical engineering. It's not too harsh, mostly because I've slowly grown to love MATLAB (I know, it's a sick thought).

Spring Break was seemed short for it being a week. I spent it much of it running errands around town or in Manhattan. Many of my hometown buddies were either in the tropics partying the break away or studying abroad. But I did snap a few good photo's when I was in the city.

The city sky from Central Park.
Lost and found on Houston St.
Your typical New York City rat...
Little Italy = Good Lunch
Pamplona has bulls, Manhattan has taxi's.

If you're looking for a interesting link, check out radio free steve.

03.11.2002 :: Home Again

Well I'm back home again. You know, some say, "home is where the heart is." I'd like to add to that statement by saying it's also where the food is. It's nice to know what a full stomach feels like again ;) .

I have some more media up on this site. This time it's music! A few buddies of mine have started a band called The Sorority. Here's what they have so far:

12 o'clock Orange Handgrena
Changing Landscape
Island-hopping Campaign

P.S. Currently I'm writing this at a terminal in my local library. My machine at home is defunct due to new carpeting being installed.

03.03.2002 :: Purple Monkey Dishwasher

NOTE: I won't be updating this much for the next week because of my work schedule and my inability to understand how to archive these entries. While I'm busy and not updating, go here. The face animation is hilarious.

FRIDAY: Enjoyed the eve with Casey, Willard and crew. Started the night seeing a hypnotist at Shine. Have yet to pay Kristen for the ticket, which is silly to start with because we all came in through the side entrance, skipping the line, inadvertently sneaking in. The hypnotist was entertaining; in fact I still think I'm a chicken! I'M A CHICKEN EVERYONE, I'M A CHICKEN!!

Afterwards, we all headed out to Tullies (spelling?) for late night food and drinks. Staying near close, we recalled our adventures over the past three years.

SATURDAY: Woke up early, got started on work. By afternoon my brain was full so I took a break to watch Midnight Cowboy. It's funny to think of it as an X rated film today, considering that it has no real nudity or excessive language. The subject matter was taboo but well done, no wonder it received an Academy Award.

By evening I was ready to get out of my room. I started the night seeing a hip-hop show with Megan and a few of her friends. First it was a bit slow moving, but the last 45 minutes of free styling was worth going. We all split up around 10:30, when the show ended. I thought it was going to be an early night. Instead, Ry tells me of a "Rock Star" party down at Marathon (the drama house). So I set myself up with a poor emo outfit and went out to restart the night.

On the right, Bruce as Robert Daultery?

At the party, I was greeted by Vince and Mark. Mark insisted I owed him a joke (which I do) and that I had to tell him one by the end of the night (which I didn't). I hid my coat in the pantry, found a cup and headed into the party.

As a rock star you make it a point not to look into the camara.
On our left we have another half naked guy and on our right a girl sick from being a rock star.

Marathon was a good time. It consisted of 1) dancing like a fool, 2) talking to Ry about Royal Tenenbaums/Colorado, and 3) seeing the people that I first met from parties long ago. Like all casual acquaintances, we say our hellos and speak about how we should hang out, only to see them again a year from now under the same circumstances.

Jackie being Gwen Stephanie and Sofie as the undiscovered musician.

Ry in Alman Brother get-up, me looking foolish and steve to the far right, pulling off a good impression of a rock star toilet.

On the way back, I stopped by Casey and Will's place. I stuck around for a while, telling them of the night. Will was kind enough to drive me home.

SUNDAY: Tried to continue the schedule of waking up early and getting work done. I was still tired from the night before, so it wasn't all too productive. I took a nap mid-afternoon, finished burning some CD' and went to Keith's for dinner. Pasta is the food for poor college students.

Now I need to get back to my ELE homework. So I'll speak to you later junior Forest Rangers. And remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires!

copyright peter nofelt