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02.26.2002 :: So... Do You, Like... Stuff?

Silly Duck.
SATURDAY: Chuck Jones passed away. It hasn't lent me to sob over his demise, but I've been reflecting on his work. His art and his ability to take something so silly as cartoons and pushed it into everyone's mindset through nickelodeons and afternoon cartoons on television. My most favorite loony toons cartoon is "Duck Amuck," where daffy is thrown into this surreal landscape controlled by the animator who is revealed as Bugs Bunny.

In the eve, after completing most of my work by midnight, I headed over to Neh's for some south campus fun. It was a small gathering, some played beer pong while I watched Keith convulse with laughter. It was mellow.

Not Shown: ChiMo and a two-bit decider.

SUNDAY - TUESDAY: Nothing much besides work, though I think I'm going to be hit by the brunt of it tonight and Wednesday. Hopefully I'll be done by Thursday cause that night I need my fix of family guy (with the possibility of crepes).

02.23.2002 :: Foosball!!! That's The Devil!!!

FRIDAY: A lax day of classes. Had lunch for the first time at Aladdin's. It was good food with good company. The day continued into a very active night though Casey and crew went to Philly for the weekend.

The kid I hate and Ry greet the guests with modesty and decorum.

The eve consisted of hours and hours of foosball at Ry's place. It was intended to start at six, but that was more of a joke than anything else. I had stopped by around 8:00 when the party consisted of Mark and Ted sitting around the house scratching themselves, figuring out what is to become of the night until the house fills. So I hung around Keith's and considered late night soccer at the gym as the time passed.

On the way to Lore's house we Go...

No soccer though, just would have been too much. So I returned to Ry's around 10:30 to find that the place was slowly growing with bodies. But still it was too early, so I joined up with Ted and Jon. We headed to south to cause havoc with Lore and what we thought was a party. Instead it consisted of her casually drinking and showing us a newly found gray hair. Exciting stuff huh?!? Exactly. It forced us to "decorate" her wall of boys (magazine ads of half naked guys) with the greatness of markers and poor artistic skills. We drew, laughed heavily and quickly filtered out to head back to Ry's.

We get settled and smoke (chew) candy cigarettes.
Bill and I team up for the foos competition ahead.

Above, Marty and his special lady (whom was gracious enough to provide me with the hat you see me with below).

The competition still had yet to start and Ted and Jon were heading back home, already too tired to continue at a house that would be alive with foosball till four in the morning.

Bill and I teamed up, each throwing five bucks to build the prize winning pot too a hundred dollars even. We then continued to wait, drink and talk with others. Marty congratulated me on my dress while his girlfriend dressed me in her obscenely orange hat, wishing me the best of luck in the completion. Also while waiting around I found Chef, a buddy of Ry's that I had not seen for a year and a half. We spoke of his freshman year roommate - Ryan - a good kid who dropped out sophomore year for many reasons and is now bumming around, waiting to start touring cross country with his band. Ryan, best of luck.

Now on to the competition! Ten teams involved, competing for best two out of three to make it to the second round. Needless to say, me and bill wrecked house during the first round. Winning two consecutive rounds. Though unfortunately it left us to stand around for some time as all other parties competed and were slowly canceled out. During this time I mingled, slowly staved, and drank. Eventually, I needed a snack. So I ran to the corner market before close (2:00am) to grab some chip and beef jerky. I returned, shared the chips and munched on a strip of jerky. Unfortunately I lost my second piece of jerky later in the night; dropping it into a cup full of old beer and cigarette butts. I thought so long and hard about eating that piece, or at least the top half which was not being marinated by filth. Luckily I decided against it and let my mind be occupied by other things; partying and fallowing the foosball game that was previously playing in the background, enveloping the atmosphere of the party, the house and the night.

Everyone raises their glasses to the comming festivities.

I danced around speaking to everyone, trading jokes and watching conversation from across the room. Looking at smiles and full cups pretty much everywhere. Charlie showed up and we continued to party as I waited my turn to play foosball again. Then ted (there's two Ted's, the other one went home) and I joked enough to come up with one of the best band name I had heard: "Pougie Heads and the Bestialities" (NOTE: I don't play an instrument and am very far from being able to sing but I believe coming up with the right band name is 90% of the challenge if you want to succeed in music today).

Vince (the Mr. Clean looking guy to the left), Pete2 (center), and Ry (right) all get preped.
First rule of Foosball Club...
No party is complete without a half naked guy during the dead of winter in Syracuse.

The night continued and bill and I waited, both itchy just to play regardless of the competition. As a result I guess our minds were not full into the game. When it was finally time to play again (2:45am) we got beat by Pete2 and his buddy. We barely scored in our second game against them. Regardless, it was fun. I came and enjoyed many hours of the night in exchange for a couple of dollars. Needless to say I slept late the next day. But I awoke in the morning fresh enough for awakening and scurried over to the computer labs to program like to engineering monkey I am.

I really do have much more to write. But against time and work, words do not much weight!

02.20.2002 :: Photo's Galore!

Keith pulls through with the images of the soccer crew.

02.20.2002 :: Anew And Through

Checked out some SalVal goodness last night. Like usual, got a short sleve shirt with matching tie (or at least what I consider matching). My other buy was possibly the most rediculous t-shirt I have ever seen in my life. It's a purple (yes I know, purple) with a print of dolphins among the cosmos. It's the type of shirt that would be acceptable for a 12 year old girl who bought it during a visit to an aquarium gift shop.

The night before (monday) was playing soccer for a good two hours. Did have a photo taken of the crew but have yet to post it because of a certian keith who is very very lazy.

Right now I'm in my operating systems class, writing this, waiting for the learning to begin. Cigarette smoke of the student next to me fills my sinuses with the ill smell of tabacco. His brand is marlbaro, though he doesn't collect the miles.

02.18.2002 :: Run Peter Run

02.18.2002 :: Yep Yep

Finally, I got around to finishing this site up (mostly). Some of the layout needs to be cleaned up, but it's done! So now this site should be in full swing with daily images and all!

Now sleep.

p.s. I know my "about" section is gay. I needed filler so I just took something from my writing class. I know, I minus well write about what I did during the summer. Oh wait, I did.

02.11.2002 :: MAT 485, ELE 232

Hola mis amigos, I'm mostly writing to let you guys know I'm not dead. I wish I had more time, so I'm just going to say as fallows:

-Went Skiing
-Got lots of work this week
-Working more on my template than my blog (as you can tell)
-Gotta wash clothes
-Need to build and later fight evil robots.
-Got a new dance and it goes like this...

Thats it for now, except for this umamerican. Check out the catalog section specifically.

02.05.2002 :: Here's One For The Ladies

Programming Assembly for x86 Intel:

UserSeg DB 00, 00 ; user segment in hex
UserOff DB 00, 00 ; user offset in hex
DB 'h $'
Output DB 'Value = '
IntNum DW 0000 ; memory read in ASCII (2 bytes)
DB 'h $'
TopLine DB 'Memory Values - Please Enter a 4 digit hex offset $'
Pause DB 'Press any key to continue ...$'

This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time...

02.04.2002 :: Okupa Y Resiste

Just came from a trying review session for differential equations and linear algebra (interpret: no fun). But now at least I got some of the basics down. Now I just need to ask my lanky awkward math teacher named Norm; who so far, is quite insistent on wearing running shorts during the dead of winter.

With regards to this site, I've been working on the cgi scripts, trying to figure out my template. So for now, my site will appear with few to zero in line images. Yes I know, it's a shame.

In other Pete related news: My mother sent me one of those emails that have your write down numbers and names and particular song/musical score to determine ones relationship to those you know. Not that it is a predictor of anything special, but probably allows one to make new associations to people that you previously thought may not have existed. So here comes the interesting part boys and girls! According to the test she took, I am the one person she is unable to figure out and that the music associated with me is bolero. Yes, odd, I know. But now it's my turn to take the test! Of which it determined that Intergalactic was the song that represented the most about me while Karma Police assists in describing how I feel about life. So apparently, "stick around I'll make it worth your while" to "arrest this man, he talks in math’s... arrest this girl, her Hitler hairdo, is making me feel ill."

02.04.2002 :: This Is A Test

just to show keith what's up.

02.04.2002 :: Just The Begining

So yea, I set up greymatter (hazah!). I just need to figure out all this template nonsense. For now, go here if you crave older web log goodness.

link of the day: evolution finally over? Parts are silly, but still a fun little read.

Also, this weekend I got a hair cut. Profile can be seen here. It's short, like a space monkey ready to be shot into space.

p.s. Madd props to my boy Reid for the server space. And to the good brooklyn kid, who replied to my bratty emails.

copyright peter nofelt