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Pete Nofelt, born H. Peterson Nuewfelt, began his life on a cold august day to an Austrian-Albanian couple. At the age of 4, young Peter showed amazing architectural skills, having built a miniature replica of the Vatican out of cereal box tops and pencil shavings. By 10, the child had honed his sense of smell so finely he could correctly guess a person's age simply by smelling their hair. As the time passed by, success followed success for the young genius, who changed his name at age 17 as a rejection of conventional naming techniques. His new name was picked by computer, randomly generating phonemes. The similarities between his given name and his randomly chosen name proved his radical theory that all names are inevitable. His corollary to that theory--that names therefore contain the key for who should be masters and who should be slaves--never gained as much acceptance. Now, at the age of 21, Pete has moved on to a higher level of consciousness, ushering in the arrival of... ALPHA PETE.
-Ben Schwartz, The Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

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"After only 3 easy down payments of 19.99, I now own my very own Pete's webpage. I can't imagine living without it. Thank you, Vendaworld!"
-Matt Kozlov

"I have been reading Pete's website for 3 months and I have lost 50 pounds on the Vendaworld plan... of course with all the reading I have had little time to eat."
-Aaron Roye

“Vendaworld tends to look on the gloomy side, but at least its author cares, and the webpage's mission is clearly connecting to the right crowd. I've had a rough time dealing with abuse, peer pressure, love, rape, hate and self-mutilation. Ok, fair enough, it is permissible to wonder whether the self-mutilation at least was somehow avoidable. But after seeing Pete's page, I left my 93 year old sugar daddy and pursued my life-long dream: to play coffeehouse soft-rock in Schenectady, NY. Thanks, Pete!”
-Andy Warren *(special thanks to Nick Hornby)

"Pete's Vendaworld touched me in my bathing suit area."
-Matt Singer

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